Is Your Leadership Fit For the Future?

Midlife Change Makers, Rebels, Seekers, and Practical Visionaries...

  • Despite the admiration of others, do you have a sensation there's more potential in you?

  • Are you seeking a more conscious approach to your next-stage and contribution?

  • Do you experience success in one area of your life yet struggle in another?

  • Are you feeling uninspired about your next chapter?

  • Although you're not lonely, do you find yourself feeling alone in your longing for another way?

  • Are you craving a community of thinking partners who understand all you have to deal with, in your work, ventures, family...?

    You're in the right place.


A non-traditional approach to transforming "first-half" successes into "second half" significance

If you're interested in transforming success to significance,

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Learn The Regenerative Leadership Framework


Evolve Potential

  • Developmental Dialogue - Socratic approach

  • Work on concrete life and work

  • No generic case studies

  • No "Reporting" your answers

  • Co-Evolve with others


Manage Energy

  • Modern science resilience building for mental, physical, emotional, spirit energy

  • Reclaim, regenerate inner capabilities for Response-Ability


Thrive in Complexity

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  • Design your Best Future Self and Systems with Living Systems First Principles

  • No generic, copy/paste recipes or 9-step process


Express Your Essence

  • Your non-displaceable work and life

  • "No Regrets" life

  • Connect your "N of 1" Essence with the Essence of your people, places and causes


Think Critically

  • Essentialize complexity with critical thinking & discernment

  • Plan beyond current existence & problems to evolving Potential

  • See hidden paradigms - that you'll never "un-see"


Re:Source & Renew

  • Apply Socratic approach to gain deeper understanding, insight & options

  • Consistently rebuild the Will needed to live your Best Future Self

  • Learn how to assess & transform your State of Being

  • Build the Functional skills you need to author your life & leadership legacy

The Process

  • Two Zoom meetings per month - 90 minutes each

  • Access to our private online community (not Facebook)

  • Access to all materials - slides, recordings, articles, audios for one year

  • Socratic Method Re:Source Coaching, actionable practices and routines, eg., Tiny Habits, HeartMath ...

  • Guest instructors based on needs: Financial advisor, business coach, branding, yoga, mediation...

  • An annual hiking trip in Spain (excluding travel expenses)

Founding Members Only Receive:

  • 4 Quarterly Re:Sourcing sessions 1/1

Don’t wait until you’re ready.

“Ready” will never come.

Regenerating my 2nd-half means living part-time in my new home in Spain

and becoming a trusted advisor to midlife professionals and... living my life MY WAY!

Consider the metaphor of a house.

You decide to "add a room."

Will you "bolt-on" a room on the edge?

Or ... open up space in the middle, creating a vibrant atrium with sun, sky, and doors going in many directions?

That extra room is your increased longevity, calling you to expand your potential to do more and be more.

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