Conscious Conversations Workshop

Uplevel your communications - even *undiscussables* you'd rather avoid

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Hi, I'm Janet Macaluso.

And for years, I was wired and tired - worrying about how to start or engage in delicate conversations.
So I studied a researched-based approach at Harvard, then mapped out the entire process and successfully shared it with many leaders at work.
People started calling it "Discussing Undiscussables!"
Over the last 25+ years, I've developed thousands of Change Makers wanting to make a contribution to the world.
We all need authentic influence to be the change...!" 

See Exactly How I Coach Clients

To find the right words between

authenticity and aggression

Build competence and confidence -
Know when to speak up (or chill out)

We’ve all had awkward interpersonal interactions that begin with “we have to talk.”

Sometimes it’s about a touchy topic or a tricky conversation with a partner, parent, or boss.

Starting a delicate conversation when your knees are shaking takes courage and compassion.

So we typically avoid and postpone it. Yet our inner chatter replays “woulda, coulda, shoulda” scenarios.😠

And unaddressed situations drain our energy to do more and be more in the world.

Here's What's Included Today:

- Free -

  • Conscious Conversations Workshop (live recording)

  • An editable Workbook + Slides

  • The I AM Worth It Framework - to know when to act or chill out

Total Value: $300

You Pay Nothing!


Clients Testimonials



Client 1

"This leadership path has been so impactful. Janet is one of the few people who can tie together cutting-edge methods and make them so practical. The powerful frameworks gave clarity to the role and importance of leadership. I'm seeing the valuable contribution our leaders can make to our people and the bigger system."


Cindy Reiss-Clark
Chief Commercial Officer, SVP West Pharmaceuticals

Client 2

"Janet absolutely nailed it with her Best Future Self Now. With a Ph.D. and years of executive leadership positions, I never expected to uncover deep insights into my life, leadership, and future. She challenged my thinking and motivated me to consider an even higher level of impact."


Sam Cimitan, Ph.D.,
CEO Celonic

Client 3

"Janet has made a lasting impression on my personal leadership, my businesses, and charities. I’ve spent tens of thousands on training programs for myself and my employees over the years. But your regenerative approach made the most lasting impact."


Ray Ciccolo
Founder and CEO Village Motor Group

Client 3

"Janet, as part of your Best Future Self Master Mind, I now see details I missed before, like being a victim, villain and victor. I'm now designing my future decade like you've done. You're a great model for living leadership."


Luz Elena Zuluaga
Spanish Professor

Client 3

"I went from the backroom to the courtroom thanks to Janet helping me build influence and find my leadership."


James A. Rice
Attorney At Law

Client 3

"Janet has a broad and deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in work and life. But, what really sets her apart is her dedication to evolving leadership so that we develop our own, and others, abilities to co-create a world in which we all can thrive."


Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
President, Regenpreneurs, and Permaculture Entrepreneur

Client 3

"As someone with a strong consulting background, I have extremely high expectations about business and leadership development. With the Best Future Self Now content and lively interactions, my high expectations were met!"


Kleigh Heather
Digital Transformation Leader

Client 3

"Janet has been one of the very few trusted advisors I’ve relied on to build my organization. The regenerative approach helped me become a better leader (and person)."


Jonah H. Jacob
President, Science Research Laboratory Inc

Client 3

"When I signed up to work with you, I didn’t expect to learn so much about my own development given my education and profession. But WOW, it was eye-opening to assess my thinking and to find new ways to grow. I’m now ready for your Third Line Mastermind, please!"


Daphne Rulf,
M.D., Ph.D

Personal Undiscussables?

Professional Friction & Avoidance?

  • Build competence and confidence

  • Know when to speak up (chill out)

  • Find the right words between authenticity and aggression