Hola! It's me, Janet

I'm glad you're here.


We’ve all been given 30,000 mornings, more or less. At 40, we still have 15,330 left. At 54, it's down to 10,220 mornings. In this 100-Year Life era - the Longevity Economy - we've been gifted three decades since 1900.

That's where I come in. Helping pragmatic and visionary leaders do more and be more in the coming decade.

My people are successful midlife Change Makers (and their teams) with a deep calling to make their second half of life better than the first. They're seeking their next-stage role and contribution.

They're ready to transition from success to significance by designing a meaningful purpose and non-displaceable legacy - for themselves, their people, places, and causes.

My Regenerative Leadership approach combines modern science and ancient wisdom. It's a structured “anti-hero” process called ReSourcing that Re-generates power to the Source - each unique person.

So I won't be offering a copy-paste, cookie-cutter approach, or outsource your development to an external guru or set of generic best practices. I will offer a Socratic-based approach to like-minded leaders who are willing to personally grow, learn, and un-learn.

I’ve served leaders and managers at all levels. Yet my most impact work is with future-focused executives, teams, founders, doctors, and academics seeking to achieve their next-level potential.

You’re a life-long learner who knows that yesterday’s solutions don’t work for a world in constant change and flux. You’re seeking challenging and fresh thinking to create systemic change for yourself, your people, places, and causes.

Personally, your identity has been tied up in your career, family, and lifestyle. Others see you as a successful rock of stability and achievement.

Whether you want to stay where you are but operate at the next level or evolve to something else, something is stirring. On the surface, it’s crazy even to consider a change. Yet still, you’re noticing that something is “off” or shifting inside.

You’re sensing that your life up to now has prepared you for your next higher calling. It may seem crazy to others, but it’s getting harder to avoid. What used to get you up in the morning is starting to feel repetitive, and you’re thinking: I can do this in my sleep… The chewing gum has lost its flavor… Do I have 20 years of diverse experience, or has it been one year, repeated 20 times?… Can I operate at this level for another decade?


In addition to customized corporate work, I steward individual professionals in small Masterminds and 1:1 coaching. You might want to work with me in one of these areas:

➡ You already know, more or less, the direction toward your next Best Future Self.

But you might need clarity and help to transition to this next level of leadership gracefully.


➡ You’re unclear about how to reinvent, transition, or translate your “success-to-significance.” You’re seeking clarity on how and where to apply your genius zone and interests to a thriving next phase of work and life.

At work, you know who to contact for support. But with your future, you don’t feel as confident. And while business coaches typically offer a structured approach, they lack the skills to navigate deeply-held emotions, paradigms, and patterns. Spiritual coaches may provide a deeper perspective, but they don’t understand your world.

You want someone who truly cares for your unique non-displaceable essence. Someone who offers:

➡ Instruments that build your critical thinking

➡ Frameworks to see the next-level potential

➡ A process for building capacity to achieve your aspirations

➡ A structured approach to designing your next role and contribution to your people, places, and causes

We likely share some views on essential things…

➡ You're deeply concerned about what's becoming around us

➡ You want to bring even more of your unique essence - to the world

➡ You want to regenerate yourself, your work, and social and living systems

➡ You aspire to lead more consciously, mindfully, and aligned

We’re a basic fit if you’re open to:

➡ Elevating your potential and capability vs. relying on an expert guru

➡ Assessing your thinking and shifting outdated or hidden paradigms

➡ Doing something with your development vs. being a training groupie

➡ Becoming a more conscious thinker and leader

➡ Trying meditation, biofeedback, self-reflection, or a slight spiritual slant

➡ Testing out your assumptions, “aha’s,” and long-held beliefs

➡ Being kind to restaurant wait-staff and tip generously & appropriately

I Stand on the Shoulders of Great Thinkers

  • Peter Block – the source of my learning about Flawless Consulting, then Empowered Management, Stewardship, and now… Community.

  • David Bohm – advanced quantum theory with implicate order, prolific writer. On Dialogue, The Limits of Thought

  • David Burnham – taught me power & influence, leadership, and the difference between operant and respondent tests!

  • Fritjof Capra – where I first learned about Living Systems; Tao of Physics, Web of Life

  • Doc Childre – Founded HeartMath Institute; researcher

  • Robert Cialdini – THE Influence guy; trained me to teach Power of Persuasion

  • BJ Fogg – Stanford professor and author; trained me on Tiny Habits

  • Gurdjieff - philosopher, mystic, spiritual teacher, author

  • Bob Kegan - Harvard Professor, author, researcher, and partner of Minds At Work with Lisa Lahey. Taught me Immunities to Change for individuals and teams

  • Giles Hutchins - with Laura Storm, wrote Regenerating Leadership

  • Gary Klein – Expert on decision making; Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions and, Seeing What Others Don't: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights

  • Peter Koestenbaum – Philosopher, THE source of thinking on authentic Leadership; an icon

  • Lisa Lahey – Harvard Professor, author, researcher, and partner of Minds At Work with Bob Kegan. World-class; Taught me Immunities to Change for individuals and teams

  • Frederic Laloux – 21st-century practices in Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness

  • David McClelland – Massively published; I was introduced to his groundbreaking work by his partner, David Burnham; nominated for a Nobel prize in Economics

  • Donella Meadows – one of the first System Thinkers

  • Carol Sanford – prolific author and innovative disruptor; changed my world, and for that, I’m forever grateful!

  • Raj Sisodia – Conscious Capitalism

  • Peter Senge – this is where it all began for me, The Fifth Discipline

  • Laura Storm – with Giles Hutchins, wrote Regenerating Leadership and the Regenerator’s Academy

  • Paula Underwood – fantastic source for learning the Native American roots of American Democracy

  • Alan Watkins MD, Ph.D., – the biology of success; Coherence, 2nd edition, 4D Leadership

  • Redford Williams M.D., and Virginia Williams Ph.D., - trained me in EQ and LifeSkills

  • Margaret Wheatley – Leadership and the New Science rocked my world 20 years ago