Year-long Mastermind

Personalized 1:1 Support

We work systemically to clarify your next-stage role and contribution with more discernment and consciousness than ever before.

Develop the personal capabilities needed to evolve yourself, your people, places, and causes.

Together, with a small cohort of like-minded professionals, you'll learn powerful processes:

  • develop new capabilities and your leadership legacy

  • think and speak precisely about the important decisions you're facing

  • listen to yourself and others more deeply

  • build the competence and confidence to successfully lead the change you want to see in your world

Access multiple perspectives with professional peers, outside thought leaders, and expert resources.

Expand your view beyond current thinking, and interact in ways that traditional personal and leadership training can’t offer.

Our 1:1 coaching process is different from generic, traditional coaching. Using structured reflection and the Socratic method, you'll gain actionable insights.

The process starts with a Whole Life Audit, to design a custom plan for you to regenerate your mojo, in critical life areas.

You might want to work with me in one of these areas:

1.) You already know, more or less, the direction toward your next Best Future Self. But you might need clarity and help to transition to this next level of leadership gracefully.

2.) You’re unclear about how to reinvent, transition, or
translate your “success-to-significance.” You’re seeking clarity on how and where to apply your genius zone and interests to a thriving next phase of work and life.

Focus on living into the grandest version of your highest vision of yourself and your ecosystem - your Best Future Self Now.

Why me? Why you?

As a previous corporate executive with 30 years experience in leadership, learning, and organization design, I know firsthand that most coaches offer a copy-paste, off-the-shelf approach.

Although development was the goal, it was disappointingly rare. So after decades of learning and unlearning, I joined the Great Resignation (or Great Regeneration!) and founded Learning2LEAD.

I've designed my meaningful purpose and role to help midlife professionals reclaim and regenerate their second half of life,

After investing decades learning what works and what doesn't - so you don't have to, I now help conscious-leaning, Practical Visionaries seeking their next-stage role and contribution - professionally and personally.

I’ve served leaders, and Change Makers at all levels. Yet my most impactful work is with future-focused leaders, founders, doctors, and academics seeking to design their leadership legacy.

My deep and broad experience includes:

▫️ Masters in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

▫️ Master of Science, Organization Development, Pepperdine University

▫️ Advanced Certificate in Organization Design, University of Southern California

▫️ BRAINZ Top 500 in 2021 and 2022

▫️ Certified Professional Coach, IPEC

▫️ Certified High-Performance Habits Coach

▫️ Certified Tiny Habits Coach

▫️ Certified Immunity2CHANGE Facilitator

▫️ Certified Professional Retirement Coach

▫️ Certified Search Inside Yourself Facilitator

▫️ Certified HeartMath Coach and Facilitator

Janet Macaluso, Ed.M., MSOD, CPC

I've invested decades learning what works - and what doesn't - so you won't have to.