about janet

I've invested decades learning what works and what doesn't - so you won't have to.

Janet Macaluso, Ed.M., MSOD, CPC works with successful midlife Change Makers to help transform their success to significance.

As a previous executive of leadership, learning, and organization design functions, Janet has equipped thousands of global leaders to grow and evolve their leadership, businesses, and causes.

Her unique anti-hero approach combines modern science and ancient wisdom to navigate constant change in flux.

In addition to breaking the spell of the "old story," Janet is keenly interested in a regenerative, interconnected, nonviolent future.

Her deep and broad experience includes:

▫️Masters in Education, Harvard

▫️MS in Organization Development, Pepperdine

▫️Organization Design ️️Advanced Certificate, USC

▫️BRAINZ Top 500 in 2021

▫️Certified High-Performance Coach

▫️Certified Tiny Habits Coach

▫️Certified Immunity2CHANGE Facilitator

▫️Certified Professional Retirement Coach

▫️Certified Search Inside Yourself Facilitator

▫️Certified HeartMath Facilitator

what we do

Helping successful midlife Change Makers transform their

"1st-half" successes into "2nd-half" significance.

Conscious Conversations

Online Workshop

Bring a personal or professional conversation that went a bit sideways - one that did not goes as you hoped. One that has already happened - not a hypothetical conversation.

Using courage and compassion, and my Conscious Conversations Roadmap, you'll uplevel even *undiscussables* Build competence and confidence Clarity on when to "chill" and when to speak up. Find the right words between authenticity and aggression.

Best Future Self Now

Leadership Regenerator

Dream bigger than you ever dreamed and take tiny steps to get to your next level of potential.

Reboot your Leadership. Begin to craft your next level of success to be the leader you've been waiting for.

You'll learn to quickly recognize micro-misalignments to return to your Best Future Self Now!



Application Needed

This structured group Re-Sourcing program takes an anti-hero approach to regenerate your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and critical thinking skills.

Transform your life, business, or causes using vibrant, life-affirming principles, modern science, and ancient wisdom.

Evolve to your next level of potential. You will build personal agency, confidence, and the will to do more and be more.

Take the assesment now!

How CLEAR, COHERENT and ON-PURPOSE is Your LEADERSHIP? Assess Your Leadership HERE!

Build a Value Creating Team

An Anti-Hero Approach to ConsensUS

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