Here are the recent articles I wrote for BRAINZ.


Time For A Pronoun Paradigm Shift?

During a recent large online meeting, I felt different. Like I didn’t get the memo saying: “Post pronouns beside your name.” If all those talented Harvard alumni women posted their pronouns, I should too, right? Me2.


Top Ways Leaders Manage Conflict And Reduce the Cortisol-Related Stress Response

Nested within a wide circle of family, colleagues, and community systems, we humans find health, happiness, and meaningful purpose. And sometimes, friction.


It's All In Your Head – Cultivating Conscious Conversations

When you inaccurately imagine something, “It’s all in your head.” It’s also what the car mechanic thinks when you complain about that clicking sound that mysteriously disappears during the inspection.


What’s Worse? Scary Movie 3 Or “We Have To Talk”?

Does “We Have to Talk” trigger an inner primal scream? Perhaps you’ve heard these ominous 4-words from...

  • The Boss: “I have some feedback”
  • A Partner: “It’s me, not you”
  • Garage Mechanic: “It’s the transmission”
  • Child's teacher: “About their behavior”


Do You Have A Clearing Disorder?

Have you ever complained about busy work distracting you from strategic, high-impact projects and planning? You’re not alone!


Silence Your Perfectionista

Did you get all that? If English is your native language, most likely you understood it, errors and all. Spelling mistakes did not materially impact the outcome.

Even my cleaning lady complained... (muy fuerte)

Even my cleaning lady complained... (muy fuerte)

Her niece and friend were stranded without lodging. ...more

March 11, 20232 min read

When you're drowning, dive

When you're drowning, dive

I have a question for you. First, consider what you're avoiding. ...more

March 04, 20231 min read

I'm not easy

I'm not easy

"I wish I could take your advice saying it's faster, easier, and better," I told the marketing coach. ...more

February 26, 20231 min read

Lost my certification

Lost my certification

Renew or lose your certification (and fry in hell). ...more

February 19, 20231 min read

Duct tape, paperclips and prayers

Duct tape, paperclips and prayers

For the last five years of corporate life, I missed the Super Bowl. ...more

February 12, 20231 min read

Hi finally did it, again

Hi finally did it, again

Did you see? Tom Brady finally took my advice. ...more

February 04, 20231 min read